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Botanical drawing in graphite

The plant kingdom with its fascinating diversity of form is a delight to explore whether in the garden or at the drawing board. As good drawing skills are the basis for working in any media, this introductory course will help sharpen your powers of observation as well as teach you the fundamentals of drawing plants. Emphasis will be on rendering the subjects in a range of values to create realistic images in graphite pencil.   

Botanical watercolor

Botanical Watercolor Workshop Transparent watercolor has traditionally been the medium of choice for painting flowers and plants. Using a pencil drawing with dark and light values as reference, instruction will be given on applying layers of watercolor washes to realistically paint botanical specimens. Prior drawing and watercolor experience is recommended but not required.   

Botanicals in colored pencil

 Colored pencil is an exciting and versatile medium, which lends itself well to the realistic depiction of natural subjects. In this course, building on the observational and artistic skills will discuss color theory and matching as well as how to overlay transparent layers of color pencil in rendering flowers and plants. 

Colored pencils over transparent watercolor

 Three-day workshop Working with seasonal plant materials as subjects, (i.e. early spring flowers and bulbs OR summer garden flowers OR late summer flowers, foliage or berries) learn how to combine transparent watercolor with an overlay of colored pencil. On a detailed drawing of a plant, glazes of transparent watercolor are applied first. After the paint dries, layers of colored pencil are burnished over to create the deep glowing colors and subtle textures of botanicals. A pencil drawing on watercolor paper is required for first class. 

Illustrating Nature’s Marvelous Patterns

 Three- to five-day Workshop Have you ever considered that a snail shell, galaxy and sweet pea tendril all share a common design? Did you ever marvel at the symmetry in a piece of honeycomb? Discover the simple underlying patterns that comprise all natural forms. An array of natural subjects will be closely observed and then drawn in pencil (and pen and ink or colored pencil) using traditional techniques of illustration in a studio setting. Your observational skills will be further sharpened by outdoor walks and a slide show.  

Illustrating plants in watercolor pencil

   Two-day workshop Watercolor pencils are an exciting, portable and relatively new product that adapt to a variety of application techniques. Using seasonal plant materials as subjects, (i.e. early spring flowers and bulbs OR summer garden flowers OR late summer flowers, foliage and berries ) discover the limitless creative possibilities with these pencils that can be applied as both a wet and dry medium.